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    We were looking for a photographer who was flexible, creative and mindful.  Jonni checked all the boxes!

    Jennifer & Brad





    Jonni Super Photography: Toronto Wedding and Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photographer


    We are creative professionals who develop life-long relationships with our clients.  We are not satisfied with the mundane and the ordinary, but strive to be different in our creativity and execution.  We want our photography to far exceed your expectations both in quality and excellence.  We are ultimately happy when you are happy.


    Our photographic goal is always to create beautiful images.  We are passionate about what we do, and this translates into what we produce.  We hope to bring a truly unique perspective to our photography, and have the skills and expertise to define that special moment forever.  Our intention is to capture emotional and real experiences in beautiful images before, during, and after the ceremony.  We want our work to be natural, evocative, and stunning.  Artwork unto itself.

    About Jonni

    I love taking pictures.  I’m not exactly sure when it all started for me, but in 2006, around the birth of my first daughter, I really got into it.  Like you, I Had a camera and just took photos, it was the thing to do, but now, it's about capturing images that speak to my heart. 

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