For the Detail Lovers: To be honest, there are few things I enjoy more than capturing beautiful detail shots on a bar or bat mitzvah day.  No matter how chaotic the scene; kids attacking the dessert table, or running to find their place, I will always make or find the time to capture the small details which the mom and dad laboured and deliberated over to choose, create, or purchase, but likely will never remember. As you can appreciate, the day is usually a blur, and this is what everyone but the family will remember.  “It’s all in the details” is true to life as much as it is to the success of a complete simcha.  I’m often asked, “Why would we want pictures of the table setting?” Honestly, it’s very simple: The details fade, the sweet table is quickly devoured, and the photos of the mitzvah girl or boy delicately placed as a centre-piece will quickly be surrounded by bags and cell-phones; it’s just how things play out.  The details make each simcha different and unique to each family.  The items usually have meaning, and their preservation is important.






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