“Jonni, you have such an eye for photography. The poses and shots that come as a result of your direction are very unique.” (see HERE)

    Elana & David

    Arrow-Down-greyBio-jonni1Jonni Super: Photographer

    I love taking pictures.  I’m not exactly sure when it all started for me, but in 2006, around the birth of my first daughter, I really got into it.  Like you, I had a camera and took photos, it was the thing to do, but now it’s about capturing images that speak to my heart.  I gravitated towards weddings and mitzvah photography, but continue to photograph many projects on the side. I enjoy the creativity, the pace, the action, the emotion, and the ability to tell a complete day’s story through pictures. What can I say, I love this line of ‘work’!

    My style is simple yet elegant, documenting the in-between moments that could easily be missed.  I understand the inherent value of the photograph to preserve a memory and capture a feeling.  I feel honoured to participate in ceremonies that bring two people together, or usher a boy or girl into adulthood. What a wonderful gift they offer me; to bear witness to a most intimate and special day; to play a role in the moments that will forever shape a family’s life. I am not just content to see with my eyes but also with my heart.  

    I live in Toronto with my fabulous wife, Hilary, and our three ‘super‘ children; Marley, Indie, and Jude. Bundles of joy, every one of them, you can see them growing up HERE, we get to have some photo-fun regularly.  You can also read more about me at the bottom of the FAQ.


    Ben Gaum: 

    Jonni and I have worked together professionally since 2011.  I like to capture the special moments, go well beyond what is expected, and deliver fantastic photographs to our clients.  I feel I have a natural ability to bring out the best in my subjects, to tell their story simply and elegantly, and to offer beautiful work.  I have placed in several photo competitions and have been published in the Toronto Star, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, and placed in the top 100 in the Metro magazine global photo contest with over 10,000 entrants.

    My passion for photography started at a young age.  My father was a very accomplished amateur photographer.  He had a vast and impressive camera collection as well as our own darkroom. I remember helping him develop colour and enlarge his prints, eagerly watching as the paper slowly changed from a blank white sheet to an image.  The smell of the alchemy that transpired in that room are forever burnt into my memory, both philosophically and literally.  I developed my style from watching my father; his shots were always detailed, clean, and thought provoking.  Growing up in an age before digital photography, I was taught to treat every shot as a work of art.  Digital photography hasn’t taken away from that early philosophy but rather, it has allowed me to push my boundaries and become more adventurous.  This is why you will usually see me jumping up and off stages, benches, chairs and tables as well as rolling along the ground to get the most creative shot I can.  

    I live in Toronto with my wife and two children who are often the subject and influence for my creative spirit.


    Bio-8Mitch Belman: 

    I have spent many years carving out a distinctive video-graphic niche, ultimately separating me from my peers. My videos faithfully recreate the beauty and elegance of the experience. I have worked for over a decade producing, shooting and editing television, corporate videos, documentary films, weddings, and bar / bat mitzvahs.  I have shot, edited and produced for over a dozen networks, including YTV, CBC Kids, Family Channel, CTV, and CMT.  My producing credits include TVOntario’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, and editing for Corus Entertainment’s television networks.

    After having worked on other people’s documentaries for a decade, I was ready to produce my own project. About to go on the trip of a lifetime, I felt compelled to bring my camera along to capture the experience.  The resulting film, Paper Clips: A Ride to Remember premiered in Toronto in 2007, and went on to play at film festivals around the world.  I love what I do, and always bring that passion to what I produce.

    I live in Toronto with my wife, Natalie, and our two beautiful (and very spirited) young children.  

    Wedding videography info is HERE, and Mitzvah videography info is HERE


    The Path to Fantastic Photography

    The first thing you should read is a lighthearted article on why you should hire a PROFESSIONAL to photograph your wedding or mitzvah.  Once you have returned to this page, read on.

    Uncle Bob vs. A Professional Wedding/Mitzvah Photographer

    Oh good, you’re back.  Read on…

    It’s quite simple, it takes a lot of work to plan such a wedding or mitzvah, and I mean a LOT of work.  There are many items to check off from the ‘to do’ list, and one of them is PHOTOGRAPHY.  Why not hire someone who knows what to do from day one.  From the first time we talk, I become a resource, a go-to person, a trusted professional with whom you will feel confident, and finally the documentarian of the day.  You are hiring a well-oiled team, who will laugh with you, cry with you, dance with you, and will capture the essence of the event for posterity. This is what we do, let’s make it happen!!!  

    There are many excellent photographers out there and the choice can be over-whelming.  However, just follow the steps below to determine if we are the right studio for you.



    Step 1: Explore the galleries.

    You need to decide if you like the photos, the style, and the approach.  Do you see 'yourself' in the photos, do people look relaxed and having fun?  Do the girls look gorgeous and the boys striking?  Do they look like they are having the Best Party Ever?  Do you wish you could have been invited to that party?  

    If this is true, proceed to step 2.



    Step 2: Tell us about your day.

    Go to the contact form HERE and answer some questions. You can also send us an email or call us... just get in touch and chat. The first thing you want to know is, are we available on your party date.  

    Come with me, on to step 3.


    Step 3: Let's meet for coffee.

    This is where we get together and discuss photography and all other aspects of the day. I'll bring some albums and some photo examples, we will discuss what is the best coverage for you to make sure you have what you need; nothing more, nothing less. If we can't meet in person, then let's just meet over the phone or FaceTime.

    Ok, we're still looking good. Now what's in store, on to step 4.



    Step 4: You decide to work with us.

    You will NOT regret it.  We go the extra mile to deliver, and have fun doing it.  Our clients are the most important people to us, and we will do whatever is needed to help make this the most special day of their lives.  These pictures are your legacy, and I want them to be the best they can be.

    So, we are almost there, look alive, on to step 5.


    Step 5: Fill in a contract.

    There's only one more thing to do, fill in a contract and send us a deposit.  Once I have those in hand, you are booked.  Simple.  Should you have anymore questions, please shoot me an email or go HERE.

    Arrow-Down-grey What's in Jonni's Bag

    Quite a bit of thought goes into my gear before every shoot.  The selection below is my standard equipment.  I may add something here or there, or leave out a lens or two if I know it's a quick session, but usually this all comes along.  The number one rule when photographing an event is to have redundant gear, meaning if something malfunctions, you have a similar spare; lens or body.  There are always two long lenses, two medium, and two wide, and two similar bodies.