The Rehearsal

    The bar/bat mitzvah rehearsal allows us to relax and photograph the family without interruption or time constraints.  There are many sweet moments to be appreciated; the perfect opportunity to focus and prepare for the ‘Main Event’. Click HERE for a Full Rehearsal or click below for the complete Rehearsal Portfolio.

    Rehearsal Portfolio



    Jonni, You have outdone yourself.  These are so beautiful and capture the joy of our simcha perfectly.”  (Take a look HERE)

    Karen & Mike



    The Ceremony

    The mitzvah Ceremony takes place usually on the Saturday morning or evening, and they are very cool to photograph.  I always enjoy watching these young teens make their “rite of passage” into Jewish adulthood by being “Rabbi for the Day” as they conduct nearly the entire service for the congregation. It may bring back memories for you, it will certainly bring back memories for them.




    “Working with you was fun… you were relaxed and fluid.  You were able to work with us… if I wanted a group shot that you didn’t set up yourself, you were more than happy to accommodate us.” (Take a look HERE)

    Loni & Jeremy





    Photos of the families and kids; you can really appreciate the gentle transition into adulthood. No longer a parents’ little girl or boy. Click HERE for an outdoor Family Photoshoot in the Park, click HERE for an urban Family Stroll Down Graffiti Alley, or click below for the complete Portraits Portfolio.

    “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro



    All the Little Details

    I thoroughly enjoy capturing beautiful details of the day.  No matter how chaotic the scene, I will always make time to capture the details which the parents laboured and deliberated over to choose, create, or purchase, but likely will never remember; the day is usually a blur.  “It’s all in the details” is true to life as much as it is to the success of a the simcha.  The details fade, the sweet table is quickly devoured, and the centre-piece will quickly be surrounded by bags and cell-phones. Is it not the details that make each simcha unique?




    I absolutely loved how you got right into the action (in a non-obtrusive way) and captured some unbelievable candid moments. You knew where you needed to be and you were there. The photos are amazing. (Take a look HERE)

    Tracy & Michael




    The Party

    Nothing like a good party to end the night, and they are wild or mild; dancing, DJ’s, general silliness, and of course the ubiquitous horah. Kids hoisted up on chairs, oh my! My goal is always to capture the pure joy and spirit in the evening.  I want you to look back many years from now and re-experience the night; and show your children and grandchildren.  Candid shots, most every one of them, but filled with intense celebration.  Click HERE for a portfolio to an entire party.  This starts with the details, moves through the horah, speeches, candle lighting, dancing, limbo, and more. 




    Definitely worth every penny. We were so happy with the quality of photos and personality of photographer.  Your calm temperament and ease relaxed the whole family, especially Dylan, on what could have been a very stressful day. You made it a fun and enjoyable experience.”  (Take a look HERE)

    Dawn & Todd




    Photography Prices – Click HERE


    About Photography:

    The Rehearsal/Ceremony includes family portraits, photos with the Torah, and any other photos relating to the ceremony.

    I recommend photographing a Photo-Rehearsal to get pictures that would be impossible at the ceremony.  

    The Party includes portraits, speeches, details, candle lighting ceremony, general craziness, and any other aspects of the party that need to be photographed, and of course, dancing, celebration, and fun.

    Rehearsal/Ceremony can occur on a different day from the Party, and at another venue.

    All HIGH resolution digital files are provided to you on a memory stick; ready to print.

    All HIGH resolution photos are uploaded for viewing in a password protected online gallery. 

    Set-up and take-down time is not billed, that is my responsibility.


    Photo-booth Prices:

    Starting at: $800


    Videography Prices / 5hrs:

    1 camera operator: $1800

    1 camera operator + assistant / 2 angles: $2050

    RAW footage: $950

    Extra videography time: $65 / half hour

    Pre-produced slideshow starting at $300

    Short Cut, 35-60 minutes: $350

    DVD or BluRay disc: $50. Additional discs: $10


    About Videography:

    Packages start at 5 hours.

    All packages include TWO video edits delivered as high definition files on a USB key.

    Long cut, 1-2 hours. Highlights, 3-5 minutes.



    A beautiful album tells the story of the day, and becomes an important family heirloom, one that you will show your grandchildren.  Most clients choose to purchase an album as part of their initial package in order to take advantage of the 15% savings on pre-purchased products.  My preference is a Square album, however, both Portrait (tall) and Landscape (wide) albums are options.  The average book is between 18-28 spreads, and many options for covers are available.

    A compelling and touching visual story why your photo album is timeless.




    “You exceeded my expectations! You came in, met my family, nothing ‘threw you’ – you put everyone at ease, there were no stressful poses.  You made both the actual event as well as the post-event photo and book choosing super simple!” (Take a look at Bradley’s Album HERE)

    Stacy & Don




    Standard Albums – Lay Flat

    Feature photo-printed pages which lay flat with no central gutter down the middle.  

    These pages are firm yet flexible. The cover can be leather, linen, silk, or a photo. These are ideal for a bar/bat mitzvah or a parent/grandparent album.  These albums make great thank you gifts, and are available as exact or similar duplicates of your main album. 

    Albums start at $590 12×12 album for 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $15 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $550 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $12 each.  



    Signature Albums – Flush-Mount 

    These are our most popular albums; classic and stylish.

    Covered in leather, linen, or silk. The album features firm pages with archival printing on the finest photographic paper available.  These are ideal for wedding or bar/bat mitzvah albums, and look stunning on the living room table.  

    Albums start at $760 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $19 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $670 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $14 each.




    Premium Album – Flush-Mount   

    Leather or specialty covers, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    These pages are firm, and do not bend.  A simple black album in the finest soft leather will always be classic.  Raised lettering can be used to highlight your names, or date, and give your album a subtle, modern feel.  These are ideal for weddings, and will definitely make a statement.

    Albums start at $810 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $22 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $720 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $16 each.



    Press-Printed Books 

    Press-Printed Books feature thin, flexible pages and silk or photo covers.

    These books provide an economical way to display your favourite images, and they are offered as more compact guest books usually one photo to a page or the larger album shrunk down. These are albums that grandparents will love.  

    Albums start at $410 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $17 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $380 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $11 each.



    Acrylic Prints

    A vibrant alternative to traditional printing; crystal clear acrylic.
    Images are printed directly onto precision-cut acrylic substrate or photo paper mounted on acrylic with high-end archival inks and covered with opaque fabric backing.  Acrylic prints are like looking out a window! Bright, vivid colours and crisp details are viewed through a glossy, glass-like surface, giving the impression of life-like depth and dimension.  The combination of quality inks and tough acrylic make acrylic prints one of the most durable ways to display your photos. Acrylics are virtually immune to spills and stains.  Prints come with pre-drilled corner holes and four brushed aluminum spacer mounts. The print is held securely a short distance from the wall as if it’s floating.



    Artisan Canvas Prints

    Turn your photos into painting-like classical works of art, hand crafted and meticulously detailed.
    Material is gallery-grade poly cotton-canvas stretched snugly over a solid wood backing frame. The frames are light but strong, 1.25 inch thick wood.  Canvas prints are printed with vibrant colours Giclee printed on a textured surface, then laminated to resist moisture and fading.  Canvas prints come ready to hang with stainless steel mounts included. Spacers on the bottom of the frame ensure your canvas print will hang evenly on the wall.




    Professional Giclee Printing (ready to frame)

    Art Prints, printed on Epson Enhanced Matte or Epson Premium Luster

    For reproducing digitally captured artwork and artistic photographs, high-end ink jet (Giclee) printing on fine art paper is now the industry standard. We print on an ultra high-definition printer on quality archival acid-free textured art paper to produce artistic prints with greater fidelity, finer detail and greater longevity.  These prints are meant to be framed.





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