Aliza’s Bat Mitzvah: October 11th & 12th, 2015

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    Aliza’s Bat Mitzvah: 11th & 12th October, 2015

    I photographed Aliza’s Bat Mitzvah and Family over the 11th & 12th of October, 2015.  It was a super fun weekend at the family home, synagogue, and the eZone in Etobicoke. Aliza is a fantastic kid, great personality and smile.  She was a pleasure to work with, and gave off great energy.  The eZone is a pretty cool place to hang out if you are a teenager (or an adult); laser tag, basket ball, cosmic arcade, virtual golf, games, whiryball… just a fun place to be.  Food at the house was yummy; crepes, all the sweet toppings, and the “can’t-go-wrong” Jewish bagels and lox, all were delicious.  Overall, a perfect weekend with a delightful family.  Mazal Tov guys. Enjoy the photos, they tell a beautiful story.

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    Aliza-Bat-1 Aliza-Bat-2 Aliza-Bat-3 Aliza-Bat-4 Aliza-Bat-6 Aliza-Bat-7 Aliza-Bat-9 Aliza-Bat-10 Aliza-Bat-11 Aliza-Bat-12 Aliza-Bat-13 Aliza-Bat-14 Aliza-Bat-16 Aliza-Bat-17 Aliza-Bat-18 Aliza-Bat-19 Aliza-Bat-22 Aliza-Bat-23 Aliza-Bat-25 Aliza-Bat-26 Aliza-Bat-27 Aliza-Bat-28 Aliza-Bat-29 Aliza-Bat-30 Aliza-Bat-32 Aliza-Bat-33 Aliza-Bat-34 Aliza-Bat-35 Aliza-Bat-36 Aliza-Bat-37 Aliza-Bat-38 Aliza-Bat-39 Aliza-Bat-40 Aliza-Bat-41Aliza-Bat-50 Aliza-Bat-51 Aliza-Bat-52 Aliza-Bat-42 Aliza-Bat-43 Aliza-Bat-44 Aliza-Bat-45 Aliza-Bat-46 Aliza-Bat-47 Aliza-Bat-48 Aliza-Bat-49
    Aliza-Bat-53 Aliza-Bat-54 Aliza-Bat-55 Aliza-Bat-56 Aliza-Bat-58 Aliza-Bat-60 Aliza-Bat-61 Aliza-Bat-62 Aliza-Bat-63 Aliza-Bat-64 Aliza-Bat-65 Aliza-Bat-66 Aliza-Bat-67 Aliza-Bat-68 Aliza-Bat-69 Aliza-Bat-70 Aliza-Bat-71 Aliza-Bat-72 Aliza-Bat-73 Aliza-Bat-74 Aliza-Bat-75 Aliza-Bat-76 Aliza-Bat-77 Aliza-Bat-78 Aliza-Bat-79 Aliza-Bat-80 Aliza-Bat-81 Aliza-Bat-82 Aliza-Bat-83


    All Photos Here


    1. Thanks Jonni you did an amazing job! Pictures are spectacular and you were fun to work with!!!

      Bev · November 25, 2015
      • Thanks Bev, it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family.

        Jonni Super · November 25, 2015

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