Carly & Jory B’nai Mitzvah: September 26, 2015

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    Carly & Jory’s B’nai Mitzvah: 26th September 2015

    I photographed the amazing B’nai Mitzvah of these two families on a warm day in late September in Forest Hill.  I have known both these families for many years, and they are dear to my heart.  The kids looked sharp, like a young couple (they are cousins, mind you).  It was a fantastic party with Boris the Hypnotist providing much merriment and mirth.  The long night of partying did not stop.  Thanks for including me, guys.  See you all soon.

    All Photos HERE

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    JoryCarly-28 JoryCarly-30 JoryCarly-31 JoryCarly-32 JoryCarly-33 JoryCarly-34JoryCarly-35JoryCarly-36JoryCarly-37JoryCarlyJoryCarly-87JoryCarly-38



    All Photos are HERE

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