Marci & Jack Engagement: November 7th, 2015

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    Marci & Jack’s Engagement: 7th November, 2015

    This was a wild party night at the Leon’s Roundhouse in Downtown Toronto.  Marci and Jack got pre-hitched.  This is the second time round for me, I photographed Marci’s sister’s engagement  last year, so it was great to reconnect with the same gang.  Amazing night, kind words, great food; a spectacular time had by all.  I know these guys are going to have fun together, at what other event does the band play Phish, yeah!!!

    Where: Leon’s Roundhouse   Band: Universal Boogie Band

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    Selected Photos Below

    Jack-Marci--10 Jack-Marci--33 Jack-Marci--35 Jack-Marci--43 Jack-Marci--45 Jack-Marci--60 Jack-Marci--67 Jack-Marci--70 Jack-Marci--75 Jack-Marci--77 Jack-Marci--79 Jack-Marci--88 Jack-Marci--104 Jack-Marci--122 Jack-Marci--127 Jack-Marci--141 Jack-Marci--144 Jack-Marci--178 Jack-Marci--188 Jack-Marci--189 Jack-Marci--210 Jack-Marci--212 Jack-Marci--235 Jack-Marci--245 Jack-Marci--261 Jack-Marci--263 Jack-Marci--312 Jack-Marci--337 Jack-Marci--340 Jack-Marci--360 Jack-Marci--388 Jack-Marci--392 Jack-Marci--472 Jack-Marci--475 Jack-Marci--476 Jack-Marci--477 Jack-Marci--478 Jack-Marci--479 Jack-Marci--484 Jack-Marci--486 Jack-Marci--509 Jack-Marci--525 Jack-Marci--529 Jack-Marci--530 Jack-Marci--531 Jack-Marci--532 Jack-Marci--537 Jack-Marci--550 Jack-Marci--551 Jack-Marci--552 Jack-Marci--555 Jack-Marci--556 Jack-Marci--574 Jack-Marci--583 Jack-Marci--584 Jack-Marci--594 Jack-Marci--595 Jack-Marci--596 Jack-Marci--598 Jack-Marci--616 Jack-Marci--632All Photos HERE

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