Victoria & Troy’s Wedding: October 10, 2015

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    Victoria & Troy’s Wedding: 10th October, 2015

    I have known Victoria and Troy for a few year, and really like this couple.  This wedding was something special.  Two people in love, enjoying an amazing day with their friends and family.  I photographed these two when they got engaged, we were down at the beach near Lake Ontario.  I knew then that this wedding would be a fun one; tons of energy and style.  The engagement pictures were pretty cool, and made the wedding so much easier to photograph.  The day started out with me taking photos of Vickie, and then Troy.  They did not see each other until the ceremony which made for some excitement.  Troy looked dashingly handsome, while Vickie looked radiant.  Laughter ensued, and nuptials were over.  We then headed out for some photos, and more fun.  The party was hardcore as the night progressed.  Lots of loving words shared, and pretty neat drums and games took centre stage.  All in all, a loving night shared by good friends and family.  Thanks for including us.

    Make up and hair: Featuring You – Spa & Salon,  Venue & Caterer: Toronto Airport West Hotel,   DJ: Mark Anthony,  Flowers and Decor both: MarbleBerry Events & Rustic Vines, Performances by: Carlos Morgan (Reception) & Garry Beals (Ceremony),  Master of Ceremonies: Angela Henry & Junior Brown,  Cake by: Just Temptations

    Selected photos below

    All photos here

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    All photos here


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