Bradley’s Bar Mitzvah: December 7, 2015

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    Bradley’s Bar Mitzvah: 7th December, 2015

    I loved this Bar Mitzvah, the venue is amazing to photograph in.  The photos always show up clean and bright, and there is usually a nice hint of purple or blue.  I’ve known Stacy, Bradley’s mom since we met in Israel two years ago, so I was totally excited to shoot this event and reconnect with the family.  It was great to see some familiar faces.  The setting was intimate and warm, with the Havdalah candle lights casting a soft glow.  Bradley did a great job reading from the Torah… and then the party got under way.  Magan Boys know how to put on a sweet show, don’t they?  Amazing DJs, fantastic dancers, solid beats, and the best break dancer I’ve seen (who gave me my favourite photo of the night – check the photos).  All in all, a party to be remembered for a long time.  Thanks for including Ben and myself.  See you all soon.

    Location: Uptown Loft   Officiant: David Cooper

    Selected Photos are below

    All photos are here
    Bradley-5 Bradley-7 Bradley-9 Bradley-14 Bradley-15 Bradley-17 Bradley-18 Bradley-19 Bradley-20 Bradley-21 Bradley-22 Bradley-23 Bradley-24 Bradley-27 Bradley-28 Bradley-29 Bradley-30 Bradley-32 Bradley-33 Bradley-34 Bradley-35 Bradley-36 Bradley-37 Bradley-38 Bradley-39 Bradley-40 Bradley-41 Bradley-42 Bradley-44 Bradley-45 Bradley-46 Bradley-47 Bradley-48 Bradley-49 Bradley-50 Bradley-51 Bradley-52 Bradley-53 Bradley-55 Bradley-56 Bradley-58 Bradley-59 Bradley-60 Bradley-61 Bradley-62 Bradley-63 Bradley-64 Bradley-65 Bradley-67 Bradley-68 Bradley-69Bradley-77 Bradley-71 Bradley-72 Bradley-73 Bradley-74 Bradley-75 Bradley-76 Bradley-78 Bradley-79 Bradley-80 Bradley-83 Bradley-85 Bradley-86 Bradley-88 Bradley-89 Bradley-91 Bradley-92 Bradley-93 Bradley-94 Bradley-97 Bradley-105 Bradley-107 Bradley-110 Bradley-112 Bradley-114 Bradley-116 Bradley-119 Bradley-121 Bradley-123 Bradley-127 Bradley-128 Bradley-129

    All photos are here



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