Jonas’ Bar Mitzvah: March 22, 2016

    Jonni Super · March 27, 2016 · Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah · 20 comments

    Jonas’ Bar Mitzvah Rehearsal: March 22, 2016

    This was a great rehearsal session at Adath Israel Synagogue.  I have photographed there frequently, but this one was quite special.  Jonas and his brother, Eli, were on top form this evening, joking and having a good old time. This is one warm and loving family, Helan and Zev, you have done a great job with these kids. I’m sure the Bar Mitzvah will go splendidly in a few weeks, have a fantastic time guys.  Looking forward to the next one.

    Selected Photos Below


    Location: Adath Israel Synagogue


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    All Photos are HERE

    1. Beautiful photos. Mazel tov!

      Janna · April 02, 2016
    2. Jonas is the most handsome bar mitzvah boy I have ever seen. Congrats Helan and Paco

      Neil Press · April 02, 2016
    3. Loved the pictures. They looked so natural . Everyone looked great!!

      Sara Fass · April 02, 2016
    4. These pictures are amazing!!! What a beautiful happy family!! Mazel tov!

      AC and UZ · April 02, 2016
    5. Absolutely beautiful pictures!
      You all look like you’re having so much fun.
      Mazel Tov to the entire family!
      Lots of love, The Rosenzweigs

      Renee Rosenzweig · April 02, 2016
    6. Love the photos!! Another great job, Jonni!

      Ryan · April 03, 2016
    7. What stunning photo’s of a beautiful family. Jonas you look absolutely ready to take us all by storm. Mazel tov.

      Margo Gordon · April 03, 2016
    8. Lookin good Jojo!xo

      Jf · April 03, 2016
    9. Stunning family! looking forward to the celebration xox

      Aimee · April 04, 2016
    10. Beautiful photos! Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend!

      Lori · April 04, 2016
    11. Great pics. Jonas, you’re going to hit it out of the park this weekend, as usual!#BringerOfRain04092016


      Uncle Matt · April 04, 2016
    12. Fantastic pictures! Jonas, you look good! Have a great day.

      Marcus Buckle · April 06, 2016
    13. Jonas, we are so proud. You look beautiful.

      Wha Ja Hong · April 06, 2016
    14. Great photos by great photographer of a great subject, my grandson.

      Saul press · April 07, 2016
    15. Amazing photos. Looking forward to Saturday. Bring out the Kleenex.. Love you, your Safta

      Rachel press · April 07, 2016
    16. You look so handsome! Congratulations!

      Charlotte Jon · April 08, 2016
    17. You look so handsome! Congratulations Jonas! We love you.

      Charlotte Jon · April 08, 2016
    18. Sick pictures…Ilove golf.

      Albert lee · April 08, 2016
    19. Jonni, our family had a blast with you! Thank you for making such a special occasion so memorable. You are the best! Jonas, you are simply dashing!

      Helan Press · April 17, 2016
    20. That’s my boy! Our family had a great time with Jonni…incredible pics!

      Zev Press · April 17, 2016

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