Zach’s Bar Mitzvah: May 7, 2016

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    Zach’s Bar Mitzvah: May 7, 2016

    This was a fantastic rehearsal and party, these two boys were in fine form for both.  Both pretty cool kids, I enjoyed photographing the family.  The Factory is always a cool place for a party, the right amount of ‘street’ and ‘hip’, perfect for a rockin’ night.  The ice cream truck was the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’.  Thanks for including Ben and me, we look forward to the next one.

    Audio/Visual/DJ Magen Boys EntertainmentJian Magen

    Cake Supercentre

    Clothing (Mitzvah) North Boys

    Shoes (Mitzvah) Shoe Company

    Clothing (Mom) Le Chateau; Banana Republic

    Clothing (Dad) Dressed himself     

    Decor The Grafsteins

    Invitations Creative Invites- Dina Weinberg, Creative Invites

    Makeup Kirsch Cosmetics

    Hair Salone Simone  

    Photographer Jonni Super Photography

    Videographer Loco Chico Productions; Mitch Belman

    Venue The Factory- Teri Leese 

    Caterer Encore Foods

    Photo Booth – PHOTO CORNER – Tyrone Gopee


    Selected Photos Below

    All Photos are HERE 


    Zach BarMitzvah-0015 Zach BarMitzvah-0024 Zach BarMitzvah-0028 Zach BarMitzvah-0029 Zach BarMitzvah-0032 Zach BarMitzvah-0038 Zach BarMitzvah-0042 Zach BarMitzvah-0054 Zach BarMitzvah-0063 Zach BarMitzvah-0077 Zach BarMitzvah-0087 Zach BarMitzvah-0107Zach BarMitzvah-0012 Zach BarMitzvah-0110 Zach BarMitzvah-0121 Zach BarMitzvah-0122 Zach BarMitzvah-0139 Zach BarMitzvah-0143 Zach BarMitzvah-0146 Zach BarMitzvah-0149 Zach BarMitzvah-0160 Zach BarMitzvah-0167 Zach BarMitzvah-0169 Zach BarMitzvah-0179 Zach BarMitzvah-0188 Zach BarMitzvah-0193 Zach BarMitzvah-0199 Zach BarMitzvah-0202 Zach BarMitzvah-0211 Zach BarMitzvah-0219 Zach BarMitzvah-0232 Zach BarMitzvah-0236 Zach BarMitzvah-0245 Zach BarMitzvah-0251 Zach BarMitzvah-0254 Zach BarMitzvah-0260 Zach BarMitzvah-0262 Zach BarMitzvah-0264 Zach BarMitzvah-0279Zach Barmitzvah-0547Zach Barmitzvah-0004 Zach Barmitzvah-0009 Zach Barmitzvah-0018 Zach Barmitzvah-0021 Zach Barmitzvah-0026 Zach Barmitzvah-0085 Zach Barmitzvah-0100 Zach Barmitzvah-0107 Zach Barmitzvah-0108 Zach Barmitzvah-0115 Zach Barmitzvah-0124 Zach Barmitzvah-0133 Zach Barmitzvah-0139 Zach Barmitzvah-0154 Zach Barmitzvah-0165 Zach Barmitzvah-0197 Zach Barmitzvah-0200 Zach Barmitzvah-0233 Zach Barmitzvah-0241 Zach Barmitzvah-0242Zach Barmitzvah-0568 Zach Barmitzvah-0393 Zach Barmitzvah-0405 Zach Barmitzvah-0412 Zach Barmitzvah-0414Zach Barmitzvah-0629 Zach Barmitzvah-0418 Zach Barmitzvah-0434 Zach Barmitzvah-0435 Zach Barmitzvah-0437 Zach Barmitzvah-0438 Zach Barmitzvah-0445 Zach Barmitzvah-0467 Zach Barmitzvah-0478 Zach Barmitzvah-0479 Zach Barmitzvah-0515 Zach Barmitzvah-0596 Zach Barmitzvah-0666 Zach Barmitzvah-0687




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