Ty’s Bat Mitzvah: May 8, 2016

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    Ty’s Bat Mitzvah: May 8, 2016

    I’ve known the Rabie clan longer than I’ve known anyone in Canada… we go back to 1987, a long time.  It was fantastic to see them all again, and to be in touch with the family over the last few years, both skiing together and this round of Mitzvahs.  Ty looked radiant, just stunning.  The party was the usual insanity; dancing, joking, laughter, bizarre speeches, everything one could want in a party.  An amazing time had by all.  Thanks for inviting me guys, looking forward to the next one.


    Audio/Visual/DJ: Jet Entertainment – Justin

    Venue: Pickle Barrel

    Photography: Jonni Super & Ben Gaum


    Selected Photos Below


    All Photos HERE

    Ty Batmitzvah-0117 Ty Batmitzvah-0121 Ty Batmitzvah-0128 Ty Batmitzvah-0129Ty Batmitzvah-0326 Ty Batmitzvah-0132 Ty Batmitzvah-0135 Ty Batmitzvah-0138 Ty Batmitzvah-0146 Ty Batmitzvah-0159 Ty Batmitzvah-0162Ty Batmitzvah-0189Ty Batmitzvah-0192Ty Batmitzvah-0196Ty Batmitzvah-0182Ty Batmitzvah-0280Ty Batmitzvah-0281Ty Batmitzvah-0279Ty Batmitzvah-0282 Ty Batmitzvah-0165 Ty Batmitzvah-0171Ty Batmitzvah-0190 Ty Batmitzvah-0178 Ty Batmitzvah-0204 Ty Batmitzvah-0205 Ty Batmitzvah-0215 Ty Batmitzvah-0217 Ty Batmitzvah-0221 Ty Batmitzvah-0224Ty Batmitzvah-0512Ty Batmitzvah-0516 Ty Batmitzvah-0230 Ty Batmitzvah-0236 Ty Batmitzvah-0237 Ty Batmitzvah-0239 Ty Batmitzvah-0240 Ty Batmitzvah-0242 Ty Batmitzvah-0243 Ty Batmitzvah-0244 Ty Batmitzvah-0270 Ty Batmitzvah-0297 Ty Batmitzvah-0307 Ty Batmitzvah-0308 Ty Batmitzvah-0314Ty Batmitzvah-0335 Ty Batmitzvah-0341 Ty Batmitzvah-0343 Ty Batmitzvah-0350 Ty Batmitzvah-0351 Ty Batmitzvah-0353Ty Batmitzvah-0541 Ty Batmitzvah-0542Ty Batmitzvah-0359 Ty Batmitzvah-0381 Ty Batmitzvah-0382 Ty Batmitzvah-0383 Ty Batmitzvah-0384 Ty Batmitzvah-0388 Ty Batmitzvah-0389 Ty Batmitzvah-0390 Ty Batmitzvah-0400 Ty Batmitzvah-0407 Ty Batmitzvah-0414 Ty Batmitzvah-0421 Ty Batmitzvah-0426 Ty Batmitzvah-0431 Ty Batmitzvah-0442 Ty Batmitzvah-0450 Ty Batmitzvah-0462 Ty Batmitzvah-0482 Ty Batmitzvah-0487 Ty Batmitzvah-0496Ty Batmitzvah-0523 Ty Batmitzvah-0530 Ty Batmitzvah-0533


    Ty Batmitzvah-0550 Ty Batmitzvah-0561Ty Batmitzvah-0005 Ty Batmitzvah-0009 Ty Batmitzvah-0011 Ty Batmitzvah-0014 Ty Batmitzvah-0018 Ty Batmitzvah-0020 Ty Batmitzvah-0021 Ty Batmitzvah-0027 Ty Batmitzvah-0031 Ty Batmitzvah-0038 Ty Batmitzvah-0044 Ty Batmitzvah-0052 Ty Batmitzvah-0060 Ty Batmitzvah-0062 Ty Batmitzvah-0066 Ty Batmitzvah-0073 Ty Batmitzvah-0075 Ty Batmitzvah-0080 Ty Batmitzvah-0083 Ty Batmitzvah-0085 Ty Batmitzvah-0088 Ty Batmitzvah-0096 Ty Batmitzvah-0098 Ty Batmitzvah-0103 Ty Batmitzvah-0106 Ty Batmitzvah-0108 Ty Batmitzvah-0112Ty Batmitzvah-0125

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