Ezra Bar Mitzvah: June 4, 2016

    Jonni Super · June 14, 2016 · Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah · 0 comments

    Ezra’s Bar Mitzvah Lunch: June 4, 2016

    This was an unusual bar mitzvah for me, as I was also a guest; does not happen very often.  It was great to see Ezra performing his bar mitzvah with 3 other kids, they all did amazingly.  I have known this family for years, and have photographed them all before, but this one makes the circle complete.  Ezra, well played, young man!  Thanks for including me.


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    Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0016Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0017Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0001Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0019 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0023 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0025 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0029 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0032 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0061 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0075Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0067Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0096 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0097 Ezra Bar Mitzvah Lunch0117

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