OneFamily Fund Hike: Israel 2017 – Golan

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    OneFamily Fund Hike: Israel 2017 – Golan

    The 10th annual OneFamily Hike this year was spectacular. We ascended up into the Golan Heights, and my 6th year as the OneFamily photographer took me into ‘uncharted’ territory.  This was our largest hike, almost 90 participants.  It was also the return of ParaTrek, a company that takes disabled hikers to places they would never be able to hike.  The kibbutz this year was host to an amazing group of hikers; we laughed, cried, and came together as one after 5 days on the trail. Mazel Tov to everyone.


    All photos from 2017 Golan Experience are HERE.

    All photos from 2016 are HERE.


    HERE is a piece which gives a good synopsis of OneFamily.  If you would like more general information on the OneFamily, please go HERE, and a Jerusalem Post article on our 2016 hike is HERE.


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