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    Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make, and every photographer offers a unique experience, perspective, and skill.  I am available to meet in person and chat; I want you to feel confident and comfortable with my style, approach,  and photography.


    So now that you know a little more about me, I would like to get to know you…


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I download all them gorgeous photos?
      • Well, go HERE and follow the directions. Almost all of the private galleries will allow you to download if you know the password.


    • How would you describe your photographic style?
      • My images usually reflect the emotion and joy of an event.  I look back at my portfolio and it evokes a memory in me, and it will for you too.  A photograph represents an experience.  When you look through your album, I want you to re-experience the day in your mind, laugh, cry, and tell your kids stories as you turn the pages.

        I will photograph most everything I see, but you’ll barely remember seeing me. There is a delicate balance between knowing when to stand in the wings and capture the action or when to step in and make magic.  While I am unobtrusive and hands-off during the ceremony and party, there is also a time and place for casually posed images.  While I won’t make you pose while cutting the cake, I will ask for time with you alone during the day to create stunning photographs without your family and guests looking on.  My photos of the guests are almost 100% journalistic, and while I won’t necessarily make tables pose for “table shots”, I will capture them laughing, smiling, dancing, and having a great time. 

        I firmly believe in preserving the details of the day; if you spent money, time, and effort to create it, then I will photograph it.

    • What equipment do you use?
      • I use top of the line professional Canon lenses and bodies.  Specifically, I use the 5D Mark IV and the Mark II, the 1D Mark III, and the 5D Mark I. My go-to lenses are the 24-70 f2 .8, an 85 f1.2 prime, a 70-200 f2.8, and often the 15mm fish-eye wide angle f2.8. I usually bring extra assorted lenses; the 24-105 f4, 50 prime f1.2, and a 16-40 f4. Sometimes we’ll use the 100 macro lens for details, or the Sigma 10-20 for wide shots. For a flash, I use the Speedlite 580 EX and a similar Godox Flash.  Ben and I share a lot of equipment, so we have a huge assortment of gear to choose from at any event. We’re just a couple of ‘gear-heads‘, at heart, y’know.  You can explore some of our gear HERE.




    • How long have you been in this business?
I’ve been photographing professionally since 2011 mostly weddings, mitzvahs, and events.  My studio is used exclusively for maternity and head-shots, and families I choose to photograph in a park.  It’s been such a fun ride and I remember them all, I really do!  It’s an enormous responsibility that I am trusted with, to document a wedding or mitzvah, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

    • Do you have insurance?
      • Yes. Absolutely. 100%.  It’s a professional responsibility, both for equipment theft and unintentional injury to an individual.

    • Will you be shooting or will it be someone else?
      • If you are first to book with me, I’m photographing your event.  If I am booked, then Ben will photograph.  The photos on this site are both Ben’s and mine.  We have developed a distinctive brand that is ‘Jonni Super Photography‘, and we endeavour to maintain that particular style.  Rest assured, whether it is Ben or myself who photographs your event, the photos will have the same look and feel as what you see in the galleries on this website.

    • Do you edit all of the photographs?
Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time, by me.  The photos you receive are print ready in high-resolution on a memory stick.  I will usually select a few favourites for special attention above and beyond the individual image editing, such as black and white processing.  Editing is a very important part of the process as it is how a photographer develops his or her personal style.  My style has evolved over the years as I learn new techniques and experiment with new photography software, but what you see in the galleries is what you get.. style-wise.

    • Photos… when do we get them and how many do we get?
      • You’ll receive approximately 700-1000 high-resolution edited photos on a memory stick from an eight hour wedding or mitzvah.  The high-resolution photos will also be uploaded to a password protected site, but you are also able to download those high res images from the website.  I will usually have a sneak-peak of photos back to you in a few days, and the rest within a few weeks.  Once the photos are uploaded, you can pick up your memory stick from the studio.

    • Do you offer albums and prints?



        A beautiful album tells the story of the day, and becomes an important family heirloom, one that you will show your grandchildren.  Most clients choose to purchase an album as part of their initial package in order to take advantage of the 15% savings on pre-purchased products.  My preference is a Square album, however, both Portrait (tall) and Landscape (wide) albums are options.  The average book is between 15-25 spreads.


        Lay-Flat Standard Albums

        Feature photo-printed pages which lay flat with no central gutter down the middle.  

        These pages are firm yet flexible. The cover can be leather, linen, silk, or a photo. These are ideal for a bar/bat mitzvah or a parent/grandparent album.  These albums make great thank you gifts, and are available as exact or similar duplicates of your main album. 

        Albums start at $590 12×12 album for 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $15 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $550 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $12 each.  


        Flush-Mount Signature Albums

        These are our most popular albums; classic and stylish.

        Covered in leather, linen, or silk. The album features firm pages with archival printing on the finest photographic paper available.  These are ideal for wedding or bar/bat mitzvah albums, and look stunning on the living room table.  

        Albums start at $760 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $19 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $670 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $14 each.


        Flush-Mount Premium Album 

        Leather or specialty covers, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

        These pages are firm, and do not bend.  A simple black album in the finest soft leather will always be classic.  Raised lettering can be used to highlight your names, or date, and give your album a subtle, modern feel.  These are ideal for weddings, and will definitely make a statement.

        Albums start at $810 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $22 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $720 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $16 each.


        Press-Printed Books 

        Press-Printed Books feature thin, flexible pages and silk or photo covers.

        These books provide an economical way to display your favourite images, and they are offered as more compact guest books usually one photo to a page or the larger album shrunk down. These are albums that grandparents will love.  

        Albums start at $410 12×12 album with 10 spreads.  Additional spreads cost $17 each.  A 10×10 album starts at $380 for 10 spreads, additional spreads cost $11 each.



        Acrylic Prints

        A vibrant alternative to traditional printing; crystal clear acrylic.
        Images are printed directly onto precision-cut acrylic substrate or photo paper mounted on acrylic with high-end archival inks and covered with opaque fabric backing.  Acrylic prints are like looking out a window! Bright, vivid colours and crisp details are viewed through a glossy, glass-like surface, giving the impression of life-like depth and dimension.  The combination of quality inks and tough acrylic make acrylic prints one of the most durable ways to display your photos. Acrylics are virtually immune to spills and stains.  Prints come with pre-drilled corner holes and four brushed aluminum spacer mounts. The print is held securely a short distance from the wall as if it’s floating.


        Artisan Canvas Prints

        Turn your photos into painting-like classical works of art, hand crafted and meticulously detailed.
        Material is gallery-grade poly cotton-canvas stretched snugly over a solid wood backing frame. The frames are light but strong, 1.25 inch thick wood.  Canvas prints are printed with vibrant colours Giclee printed on a textured surface, then laminated to resist moisture and fading.  Canvas prints come ready to hang with stainless steel mounts included. Spacers on the bottom of the frame ensure your canvas print will hang evenly on the wall.



        Professional Giclee Printing (ready to frame)

        Art Prints, printed on Epson Enhanced Matte or Epson Premium Luster

        For reproducing digitally captured artwork and artistic photographs, high-end ink jet (Giclee) printing on fine art paper is now the industry standard. We print on an ultra high-definition printer on quality archival acid-free textured art paper to produce artistic prints with greater fidelity, finer detail and greater longevity.  These prints are meant to be framed.







    • I don’t like how I appear in photographs, can you help me?
      • The one thing I consistently hear from my clients is that the photography was relaxing and fun. My goal is to draw out the ‘real you‘, and sometimes the ‘real you’ can be hiding behind awkwardness and shyness, but once we surmount those hurdles, we always have a fantastic time.  My shooing style is laid-back and my posing natural but I will make sure that you look your absolute best in the photos.

    • How many photographers do you bring to a wedding?
      • I always bring at least one other photographer with me so as not to miss important moments.  If the wedding is large or logistically complicated, I would have additional photographers.  I’m well-staffed to make sure the day is well-covered.

    • Have you photographed at our location before?
      • Chances are that if you are in Toronto, I have come across your venue.  However, I love to photograph in new locations, and quite frequently travel for events.  I would be happy to visit your location with you prior to the day, or if the event is out of town, I will arrive early or the day before to make sure I know where the best spots are to photograph.

    • My wedding is in far-away land, do you travel?
      • I am located in Toronto, but travel and photograph worldwide.  I love to travel and am always keen to add a new foreign city to my portfolio, and really, who doesn’t like to travel?

    • Why are your wedding prices not fully listed?
      • No two weddings are alike and weddings also vary by location, therefore I have different pricing for local weddings and weddings that require travel.  Destination weddings requiring staying overnight or flying are different as well, and I am very comfortable traveling for events. Rest assured that should you commission me to photograph your wedding and travel to you, you are hiring someone experienced with travel for business and photography. Travel is billed as such; if airfare, hotel, and rental car are needed, you are responsible for the reimbursement of the charges, that’s all.  Contact me HERE and I will be able to give you a more comprehensive price and an individual package once I know more details.  

    • What will you wear to the function?
      • It depends on the type of event you are having, however my staff and I will always dress professionally and appropriately for the location and event we will be shooting. This is after all, one of the most important days of you life so, and should be treated such.

    • Do we need to feed you?
      • It is generally considered a professional courtesy to feed the photographers.  Feeding us ensures we smile, remain on our feet, and don’t faint during a long day.  We do prefer to be fed when you eat, as we generally do not photograph your guests eating, so it’s a good time for us to take a break.  When you and your guests are done eating, so are we, and the coverage will continue seamlessly. (Jonni is vegetarian, Ben is a carnivore)

    • How long is your coverage, do you stay until the end?
      • We will stay as long you want us to, or as long as you can party! Typically a wedding is 8-12 hours, and a mitzvah is 5-7 hours.  My coverage usually starts with the ‘getting ready‘ photos, and ends with you waving goodbye, but you will put together whatever package works for you.

    • If we’re running late, will you stay later than scheduled?
      • Of course.  I have an overtime rate that goes into effect with your permission after our agreed upon coverage ends.  Maybe the event timing was wrong, or something not anticipated is scheduled to happen, or we’re just having too much fun not to document it forever.  I generally don’t plan for something right after your function, so it’s not a problem to stay longer if necessary.

    • Do you photograph engagement sessions?
      • The engagement session is important as it gives you a chance to work with me before the wedding day, and to trust my work and approach.  You will feel far more relaxed on your wedding day knowing the photos will turn out as expected.  Sessions are photographed in and around Toronto, usually in the late afternoon.  Parks, the Brickworks, Liberty Village, The Distillery, all make for fabulous photos.  Check out other examples HERE.

    • Do you take posed family photos?
      • Family photos are the hallmark of the day, and they record an important time in history.  In my contract, there is a page for group photos, and I encourage you to think about who you will include in these.  I allow three minutes per grouping, so if you have 15 groups, think approximately 45-50 minutes to photograph them.  These groupings are quick, easy, and largely informal and I make them engaging and pleasant for everyone involved! 

        A long list of posed photos is not impossible as long as you allow time in your schedule; I would not want posed photos to hinder my ability to capture the day in it’s entirety.

    • Do you shoot video?
      • Of course, you need not look further then our in-house videographer extraordinaire, Mitch Belman. Go HERE to find out more.  Send us an email, and Mitch will contact with you directly regarding videography.

    • What is a wedding “Reveal”?
      • A special and delicate moment before the wedding ceremony when the bride and groom first lay eyes on each other.  Not traditional but worth every minute!  These few intimate minutes capture the joy and excitement of the wedding day before the craziness begins.  Remember, the wedding is about you, and once the ceremony is over, it can be difficult to find that ‘alone time’. If you’re up for this, we will make it a priority.


    • What does it mean to “Trash the Dress”?
      • It’s another chance to get into your wedding attire to capture images without time constraints or responsibilities that may be imposed on your wedding day, and we can visit alternate locations that were not feasible on wedding day.  The options are limitless when, unlike on your wedding day, we do not have to worry about keeping your clothes pristine. We can climb statues and roof-tops, jump into fountains and lakes, and swing like Tarzan from a tree. This allows opportunity for some truly creative and fun images. The session can be scheduled anytime after the wedding. Check this one out, Sunday morning post-wedding jumping into the lake… dress and all!!!


    • Will you give me a discount?
      • I will always work with you to create a package that holds value and is attractive to suit your needs.  No two functions are alike, and therefore there are options to customize packages and work within a budget if necessary.  Wedding prices start HERE, and all mitzvah prices are listed HERE.

    • Why does custom photography cost so much? Is it worth the investment?
      • Custom photography is definitely an investment for both the photographer and the client. I recommend these two informative and well constructed articles if you’re interested in learning more about the difference between hiring a custom boutique-style photographer like myself to shoot those treasured moments, or hiring a high-volume studio.  The figures and times in these articles may not may not be exact but they are in the ball park.

        Professional Child Photographer – Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?
        Jenika’s Lens – Why Does Custom Photography Cost So Much?

    • What should we wear for family portraits?
      • The short answer is ‘whatever makes you feel comfortable‘. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable you will appear. I recommend solid colours as these tend to photograph well. And while everyone loves “Twin Day” in the third grade, it doesn’t always make for good photos. If you do want to match, try choosing a colour palette and have everyone wear different shades of those colours. And if you can’t decide, bring along several changes of clothes.  After all, it should be fun.  There are many options when it comes to clothing, here are a few sample ideas to get you started.  If you are not sure, just e-mail me.







    • Just who are you, Jonni Super… when you’re not holding a camera?
      • The one word that encapsulates me is ‘Curious‘, and I mean about everything.  I’m the kid who would walk through the library and come home with 20 books about 20 different subjects.  These days the family takes up a lot of time, and I love spending it with them.  My stellar wife, 3 gorgeous kids, and I do a lot together.  By the way, you can see the kids growing up HERE.

        I ride my bike fast almost every day, sometimes down a mountain but usually on the road. I play guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion, or piano almost every day.  I rock climb, canoe, windsurf, and camp.  I ride a snowboard downhill every winter weekend… fast.  I used to do a lot of yoga, now just when I can’t ride the bike or when injured. I read an awful lot, do stuff on my computer, multi-task all the time. I can walk on stilts and I can throw a boomerang (just thought I’d throw those odd bits of info in here as a talking point). I love photography and photography software and I am always learning. I love travelling. I make a pretty good pizza, and my kids say I make the best crepes.  I love hanging with the family, and they have made me into who I am today.  Oh, I own a fully working 1979 VW Bus which we go camping in.

        Question… you in the back with the red shirt?

    • How far in advance should we book you?
      • I have bookings in my calendar two years from today, but there are always dates available.  If you like what you see and want me to be the person to capture your special day, then connect with me and see if the date is available.  If it is available, I will pencil you in, and we can chat further.

    • We would love to book you, what do we do now?
      • Well, you are on my contact page, just scroll up the page or click HERE and fill it out an information form or just give me a call.  Once I have checked my availability, and we select the best package for you, I will send you a contract.  I cannot hold any date without both a deposit and contract, however once I have those, I am a phone-call or e-mail away as a friend, a resource, and an all-around nice guy.



    Jonni, you exceeded our expectations.  You were very easy to deal with; great on the event day, and made Dalia (and everyone else) feel totally at ease.  The pictures tell a wonderful story.”  (Take a look HERE)

    Michal & Alan