Homemade Stuff

    Jonni’s Homemade Bag

    This bag is a ‘Jonni Special‘. I found this piece of leather in Barcelona in 2013, knowing that I wanted to make a camera bag that did not look like a camera bag, but a ‘carry-all’ bag, just something to kick around on a daily basis.  The bag rocks, it has an insert to fit two lenses, a body with a lens attached, two flashes, cards, batteries, etc.  Took me a few hours to sew over a week or two, but now it is a bag that I take with me when I want to be inconspicuous. It’s been to Israel, Amsterdam, London, and on most of my shoots since its birth.  



    Jonni’s Homemade Strap

    I decided to make a strap for my camera after becoming frustrated with the usual camera straps.  So simple; I bought a length of webbing, sewed a ring, and have two carabiners attached, which clip to the rings on the side of the camera.  The whole project cost me $20 for four straps.  A very easy do-it-yourself project.




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