Other Projects



    One Family Fund

    I have the honour of being the photographer for the One Family Fund Hike Across Israel since 2012.  The hike takes place every October, and raises money for families in Israel who have been directly affected by terrorism.  I compile an album after each hike for the participants.  These are from years past.

    One Family Fund – 2012  Selected Photos

    One Family Fund – 2013 Album

    One Family Fund – 2014 Album

    One Family Fund – 2015 Selected Photos  PART 1

    One Family Fund – 2015 Selected Photos  PART 2


    I love maternity photography… my clients can’t run away or move too quickly (little joke there)… but of all the photographic styles out there, these are actually the most challenging.  Black and white in the studio is an art-form unto itself.  It takes skill and patience to create artwork out of slivers of white light on what is essentially a black canvas. I accept a few of these a year, and love shooting them.

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    Headshots & Portraits

    My style of head-shots are natural and authentic.  I aspire to capture the essence of my subject; nothing forced or insincere.  The sessions are always shot indoor and outdoor, and will include head-shots, 3/4, and full length.  My clients use these for all professional and semi-professional purposes.  Please call me if you want more info or to book.



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