Wedding Favourites: These photos are some of my favourites from the last few years, both weddings and engagements. There are sweet moments from beautifully simple backyard weddings to elegant affairs in and around Toronto.  I am often asked to describe my style, but I hope the photography speaks for itself.  If pushed, I’d say my photos are bold, colourful, emotional, and graphic. I love bright colours, especially those that come from nature, and I also love the elegance and quiet beauty of black and white. More than style, I hope my images capture a perfect moment in time – whether its a simple glance or an epic cheer.  I want my photography to serve as a memory for those present and as a legacy for those yet to come.  And more than anything, I want to produce a story that speaks to who you are, not just what you did.

    For the Detail Lovers: To be honest, there are few things I enjoy more than capturing gorgeous detail shots on a wedding day. No matter how chaotic the scene or behind the day is running, I will always make or find the time to capture the little details which the Bride and Groom laboured over to choose, create, or purchase, but likely will never remember. As you can appreciate, the day is usually a blur. “It’s all in the details” is true to life as much as it is to the completion of the wedding album. I’ve often been asked, “Why would we want pictures of the shoes?” Honestly, it’s very simple: The details fade, the jewelry will break or get lost, the cake will get eaten until the very last leftover bite from the freezer at that one year anniversary. The dress will get packed away or sold. It’s just how things play out, but the items usually have a meaning, and that preservation is important. The details make each wedding different and unique to each couple.

    If you like what you see, I’d love to chat with you about photographing your wedding; please drop me a line.


    Wedding Favourites

    For the Detail Lovers




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